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The Outdoorsman 125 #477265

A Redguard raised in poverty, he learned how to shoot a bow and use blades from a former Imperial blacksmith who took him in. Every month, they would spend a week in the wilderness with a knife and a piece of jerky, where they also learned to hunt and forage for plants to treat the assorted inevitable injuries off the beaten path. Once they came of age, the Survivalist was given an ultimatum: join the Imperial Army or get out of the house. They left in the middle of the night and never looked back.

The Survivalist took jobs throughout Tamriel as a guide and caravan guard, where he met a Breton who attended the College of Winterhold. During their time together, the Breton taught him what he'd learned. The schools of Restoration, Alteration and Enchanting intrigued them but hated Destruction. Conjuring weapons proved useful when they were disarmed during a bandit raid on their caravan.

A Nord trading with their caravan struck up a conversation with the Survivalist, who informed him about blacksmith opportunities in Skyrim. Wanting something a bit more safe, the Survivalist turned in his armor and weapons and made the trek to Morrowind, then onward to Darkwater.

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