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Afro Samurai 45 #477326

You were born to a famous swordsman in Stros M'kai who's father possesses the No.1 headband. One day your father was challenged for the headband by a infamous mercenary called Gunslinger your father was beheaded right in front of your eyes. You are gifted your father's sword when he died and now its your most treasured possession. Your bloodthirsty slaying everyone in your path while doing this you discover that the No.1 headband is in Skyrim. Traveling to skyrim you are caught at the border believed to be a stormcloak you fight every imperial but are eventually knocked out by the butt of a sword. Your story goes from here.

One handed is crucial as your the best swordsman in Stros M'kai and you will increase the damage of your katana. Block is for Afro's skill of dodging and there is a skill which can block arrows and bolts which perfectly matches his style. We will invest a perk in smithing for steel which helps improve your Katana. Speech will be invested in the right tree as intimidation is Afro's key to his status as a badass also in your dialogue use remain silent when it can be used to strike fear in people's heart. Alteration is used as Afro is unstoppable and with using normal clothes Alteration will be helpful in the playstyle. Your most used shout will be elemental fury as Afro is fast and calm and is very good at dodging.

Factions will be the dark brotherhood as you learn that Astrid is learned to be Justice's right hand woman so you build your self up to destroy her and the guild. Companions is for Afro's history of being in a sword guild and helping his sword guilds but he will cure being a werewolf. Mages guild for Alteration training and experience.

Red robes(Their white the name can fool)
Sandals(Japanese Geta)
Circlet(No.2 headband which is mainly worn in the anime)
Blades sword(Father's sword)

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