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Shaegorcath is a warrior, a fighter, a lover, and a trickster. He is a man's man, a woman's man, and a prankster's Patsy. What is his name, this comedy troupe wet dream? Well, it wouldn't be anything else... but a pun. His name, one that will terrify the world, is...


Badum tsss.

He is an orc, a strong, powerful member of the mer races. He will kill if he needs, talk when he doesn't, and steal when he doesn't. Despite the towering physique, knowledge of smithing, and inherently dangerous nature, he is not considered a real orc. But why? Well, wait, and you will learn of why.

The Rise, Plateau, Fall, and Eventual re-Rising of Shaegorcath

In the greatest depths of High Rock, there lies a little known orc stronghold called Delith'Daoh-Raz. It was led by it's chief, Raz-Rigiol. As common in Orcish culture, the chief was the only male orc allowed wives. Therefore, the 20 children circulating the stronghold could all be attributed to Raz-Rigiol and his wives. But one of these many children, one of only 7 years in life, would change the orcs there forever. Shaegorcath was a name, of course, not given at birth too our hero. His birth name was Malgothiz, named for Malacath. He was a smart boy, able to run a forge and enchant gear for the war parties better then most of the women, and fought with an ingenuity and creativity that was, surprisingly, praised. As orcs believed in very traditional male/female roles, having a male with the traits of both an enchanter and a warrior was quite refreshing.

Even at such a young age, the chieftain was proud to have created such an impressive child. But many of his children were jealous of Malgothiz's success. As such, they conspired to bring down his reputation, not only in his father's eyes, but in the eyes of the whole tribe. Malgothiz was not just intelligent in matters related to fighting and infusing, but experimented with the many realms of magic. As the orcs were located in High Rock, the Redgouards were located around them, and respected the orcs of Delith'Daoh-Raz. Malgothiz was just 10 when he was allowed out of the stronghold, and was sent out to hunt for the tribe.

On his hunt, Mal saw a prize buck, a 10 point, golden-white beauty. He stalked this prize, with the goal of killing it and making a beautiful set of armor for his father. Perhaps a dress for his mother, or a tunic for himself...

And in this vein, Malgothiz's mind did wander. He thought of the pride his father would feel, the respect of the tribe, the silencing of his siblings. But this wandering caused him to make a grave mistake. Upon releasing an arrow, it flew straight and true, and hit a man dressed in hunting gear. Malgothiz rushed to the man, stunned at the effects of his ignorance. He reached the man, whom was on the brink of death. The man, name unknown to Malgothiz, gestured weakly to a spell tome, one with the sign of Restoration on it's leather cover. Then, despite his years of seeing sorcerers being outcasted from his tribe, magic-users scrutinized, he picked up the tome and hurriedly read the incantation. The man was bought back, and Malgothiz wondered whether he would regret it.

Despite the looming picture of what could happen, Mal continued talking to the man. The man said his name was Hircine, a name which bought about a flicker of thought. He said he was walking with the mystical deer, learning the ways of it's life. He knew of the orcs antimagic standings, and commended the youth for setting aside his culture to fix a mortal mistake. Malgothiz, in a gesture of piety, knelt and offered his bow, the Orcish version of grovelling. Hircine, a knowledgeable man, didn't take it, saying Malgothiz had nothing to apologise for. And Mal, not thinking, asked the man if he had anymore spells. Hircine smiled, and touched Malgothiz's hand. A flood of knowledge flew into Mal, transforming him. He knew, suddenly, of magiks that would aid him in combat, in life, in the hunt. But before he could do anything in thanks, Hircine disappeared.

Now, from a hidden knoll, the Daedra Prince of madness, Shaegorath, saw this. At that time, Shaegorath and Hircine were having a kerfuffle. Just a minor dispute between all-powerful God's, nothing mortals would know about. And it became a "thing." You know, a thing. A terrible thing for Malgothiz. He was caught in the middle. And of course, as the squabbling of the Daedric Princes advanced, Malgothiz was caught in the middle. His mind was torn, each Prince requiring a champion, each claiming Malgothiz for their own. The trickster of Shaegorath whispered into his hear, insisting on playing pranks, endangering Malgothiz's life in the tribe. The hunter of Hircine, whispering to kill all around him, to kill his father, to become the ultimate hunter.

At that point, Mal was at home, and became withdrawn and slowly going insane. At a point Malgothiz doesn't even remember, he went insane. He killed everyone in his tribe, massacring everyone he saw. He ran to the border of Skyrim, eager to escape Daedra influence. There he was arrested, and nearly killed. He had accepted death. But he was given a second chance, and no matter why, he pledged to do all he could to make his Orcish brothers and sisters he killed proud. He would cut a swathe through the Empire, halt the rebellion of the Stormcloaks, and become the greatest ruler Skyrim has ever seen.

Shaegorcath, as he would name himself, is obsessed with forgiveness. He will make sure to become accepted into all the orc strongholds. He won't join any of the main guilds and factions, preferring to take his pursuit alone. If you want too, he will make a house on Lakeview, and marry another orc.

Upon finding out he is Dragonborn, Shaegorcath will seek out every shout and piece of magic he can. He believes that while orcs are honorable, their believe in the uselessness of magic will be their downfall.

Many things cull the fierceness of the orcs from Malgothiz's shell of comedy and magic. His past life led to him rejecting the serious nature of Orcish life, and finding his way in a world where comedy is very much appreciated. He will take every joke or ridiculously obtained weapon, and take the most inappropriate speech options whenever possible. One point of seriousness is magic, of which anyone who looks down on or insults magic is seen as a grave insult.


Malgothiz will take many different perks, ranging from two handed to many magic based perks. The best way to do this is to focus on physical combat first, then work on magic. It's important to have a strong base before working on the extras. The perks are shown, but work on Smithing first, mainly to upgrade enchanted gear.


Shaegorcath, or Malgothiz, whichever name you choose, will use a full suit of Orcish Armor, which he will have mined and crafted himself. This suit, which is very important to Mal, will never be taken off. The pieces can be changed out, but only for another piece of Orcish Armor. This is mainly for more powerful enchantments. Each piece has a specific one, and are listed below.

Orcish Armor- Fortify Destruction and Magicka Regen and Fortify Heavy Armor

Orcish Gauntlets- Fortify Smithing and Fortify Carry Weight

Orcish Boots- Fortify Stamina and Fortify Two-Handed

Orcish Helmet- Fortify Destruction and Fortify Restoration

Orcish Shield (optional)- Resist Magic and Fortify Health

After obtaining the armor, you will obtain every Orcish two-handed weapon. These can be enchanted any way you want.

Shouts And Spells

Shaegorcath, filled with a knowledge of what magic can do, will make it his life's purpose to seek out every spell and shout he can in an attempt to learn it all. This, while subverting the use of Two-Handed weapons, will benefit Shaegorcath with a sense of accomplishment and a balance he has not seen for many years.

That's pretty much it. Focus on magic and Two-Handed, use spells and punish those who need it while perfecting your weapons and armor. Have fun and play well.

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