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The Shadow Ranger 44 #477621

Race: Dunmer or Bosmer (these are the ones I would use; race doesn't really matter)

Essential Skills: Sneak, One-Handed, Conjuration, Archery, Illusion

Optional Skills: Lockpick, Pickpocket, Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing

Armor: Light armor or robes; if you want robes I'd spec into Alteration and use flesh spells just for extra defense, though luckily you won't be discovered at all

Weapon: Bound Dagger(s), Bound Bow

Spells: Invisibility, Muffle, Fast Healing (optional), Frenzy, Pacify, the above weapon spells

Vampirism and Lycanthropy are entirely optional but add a little flavour and cool roleplaying aspects. I'd recommend being a Dunmer vampire because the Dark Elf fire resistance pretty much negates the weakness you get from being a vampire.

Have fun, and good luck!

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