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Nightblade 77 #478504

Backstory: Ryoku, a dark elf, was an orphan raised by violence. Ryoku was sick of the orphanage, SO sick he went on a rampage and slaughtered the people in charge, then went AWOL. the boy ran and ran until he couldn't run anymore. he rested on the street in near the slums. the next week he enter led in the city of Morrowind. Upon entering, he sneaked pass the guards so he wasn't stopped. He started to beg others for food but barely any help the poor dunmer. A few hours passed, a wandering unknown rogue took a look at Ryoku. Seeing his position, he decided to take Ryoku in. After being taken to an abandoned sanctuary, Ryoku found out the men who took him in was the grandson of an assassin apart of the Dark Brotherhood; from the second era.

The assassin found something unusual about the boy. Seeing the potential he had, he decided to train the dunmer in the arts of killing, sneaking, cunning and wits. The assassin train Ryoku for 6 years, making him 18. He began to say " Your ready! My job here is done." The assassin recommended the dunmer to go to skyrim, where the present Dark Brotherhood resided, but one final task had to be met. The Dunmer needed to kill the assassin. Ryoku felt a little hesitant for the only person who helped him, but without a second thought, striked his mentor. Before giving the finishing blow the assassin gave Ryoku a note to give to the current leader, Astrid. The note was a note initiating Ryoku into the Dark Brotherhood. Then, Ryoku striked the last blow.

After journeying to skyrim, he entered the Sanctuary [ Alternate Start Mod ] and was greeted by non other than Astrid herself. By finalizing him as a member, she gave him a pair of shrouded clothes and Ryoku greeted his current brothers and sisters. Later, becoming THE WHISPERER of The Night Mother. Now, his contract begans!

Stats: 360| 400| 300 = Magicka| Health| Stamina

Standing Stone: Thief | Shadow | Serpent| Atronach


- Aura Whispher
- Marked for death
- Throw Voice
- Whirlwind Sprint

Spells: Muffle, fear, pacify, frenzy, invisibililty

Gear: DB Shrouded Armor or Daedric Armor or Mods [ Recommend: Kynreeve Armor ]

Weapons: Daggers & Bows = Blade of Woe, Mehrune's Razor, Nightingale Bow, Zephyr, etc.

Faction: Dark Brotherhood * OF COURSE * & maybe DG or TG.

Perks: Go to perk points Page or Build ABOVE!!!

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