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The Tactician 69 #478724

The tactician could almost be considered non combat, but its more of a support build, based primarily on their 6 starting skills.
Tacticians won't be carrying armor or weapons, except for staves (nice extra 100 carry weight) the good side of this, is that your followers can now use them and become more powerful in their own terms.
While they may use any bound weapon they want, they will prefer archery, because the Bound Bow is the best bound weapon there is (more powerful that daedric bow without smithing) and its the one that doesn't require you to charge into battle.
Illusion will mix in with restoration to boost allies in combat, but illusion will go a step further and manipulate the enemies in the battlefield.
Conjuration is rather self explanatory, summons over undead at first, since they can be casted AHEAD of you, and no perks for necromancy because by the time you have dead thrall, 100 extra hp isn't a lot. Also, use it for bound weaponry, which will get you out of trouble... If there is trouble.
Since your bound bow will collect several souls, put them into staves, or clothing if you want, you won't need to take perks because since the only bow you use casts soul trap you're gonna have plenty of soul gems. and potions will boost your enchanting (feel free to use the loop but I don't like it).
Alteration is obviusly for portection, and along with lord stone, breton blood, mara's blessing and two ranks of magic resistance you reach the 85% cap, you don't want atronach because you are already inmune enough to any spell that happens to hit you. And you'll be able to get good armor too upgrading your flesh spells with mage armor. If by chance you don't feel like playing with the minds of your opponents, play with their bodies and paralye them all. I think piclpocket works well when enemies are getting up, perhaps you will be able to poison them while they do so.
Alchemy can be surprinsingly important here, since poisons can be applied to bound weapons, and potions of fortify "x" will help your lack of skill with combat if the situation ever gets so desperate. They will also enhance alteration, illusion and conjuration in better ways than their enchantments do.
So if you feel like needing to do something out of your abilities, potions will help you get of the hook.
In addition to everything, you might want to add Vampire Lord form or Werewolf form as a panic button, that will help you turn the outcome of any siuation that gets far too difficult.

I wanted this to be a stricktly breton build, using only the 6 starting skills, like the merchant build I saw in youtube while searching for something like this, but I just couldn't help myself give archery a place, since you are the dragonborn, and arrows are best for killing dragons, also, I just couldn't think of making poisons and not placing them in pockets.

MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: I am currently unable to play Skyrim and therefore to produce screenshots and examples, but I am very confident of this, and I'll leave the link to the merchant build which is so similar you may claim its a copy, but its really not, I have a long time thinking about this, plus, he tactician will charge into battle when no other options are left.

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