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The Merchant Prince 80 #478752

The Merchant Prince can be tweaked to fit any race, producing a silver-tongued assassin with a penchant for illusion.
The Merchant Prince is an excellent mage/thief build, with perks chosen to compliment his combat capacity. He operates with a few sharp strikes, precise and swift. His illusion prowess provides crowd control.
The Merchant Prince usually employs a mage follower, and will likely maintain a Thrall once his Conjuration reaches 100 in addition. He summons Arvok for his steed, and a Reikling pet would round out his entourage. These considerations are tactical, but J'Zargo gives the exotic, cosmopolitan feel the Merchant Prince should have.
The Merchant Prince can enchant any clothing as desired, but defense choices limit the build to clothing only. This makes the best in-game options are easily harvested, and at low level, but for Azhidal's ring of arcana. The diadem of the savant is sitting outside Froki's Shack, and Froki's quest nets Kyne's Token, a valuable neck piece for any archer. The instant you enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary outside Falkreath, the shrouded handwraps and shrouded shoes are available for the taking, and you can steal arch-mage's robes before handing in Under Sarthaal, then launder them through a fence, easily accomplished by fifth level or sooner as desired.

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