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Daedric Knight 80 #478756

The Daedric Knight will do all the daedric quests as early as possible, so will have an awesome array of equipment from these, but is a skilled enough smith and enchanter all equipment will be fully customized and top-notch.
Outside of this penchant for daedric quests, the Daedric Knight has no affinity with any faction in Skyrim. He will join the College but mostly for the merchants and side quests. He's more likely to use a town as a base and clear the dungeons on his own than on behalf of an NPC.
The Daedric Knight is a tank who summons allies and directs them with blasts-Fortify Restoration and Fortify Destruction should be priorities, with Conjuration important before the fight. His HTH attacks are devastating, especially if he enchants the longhammer, though a lot of Daedric Knights weild the ebony blade and wear the ebony mail, so they may have a history of betrayals behind them. It is entirely possible to resolve all the quests without obtaining the item nor is a knight required to retain the item, but many keep trophies.
The Daedric Knight's followers will be heavily equipped, with enchantments personally optimized for the follower. They can have two dremora Dead Thralls in attendance, equipped with any weapon he can make, hone, or enchant in addition to his follower. He may be a cult leader, building an insane crown posse. The Daedric Knight can lead and outfit an army.
The Daedric Knight's gauntlets will be enchanted with Fortify Unarmed and Health Absorption. A heavy helmet with Fortify Destruction and Fortify Restoration and the Daedric Knight need only devote three enchant slots more so these two schools cost nothing and the build's smithing means any suit of heavy armor can hit the cap, allowing for a wide variety of aesthetic options.

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