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Sword Saint 80 #478809

The Swor Saint is a master weaponsmith, able to enhance and enchant any weapon. His mysticism embraces the union of the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds. His clothing will be heavily enchanted to enhance his abilities and he may cast Alteration and Restoration magic without cost if he set his enchantments so.
His enchantments will be set on clothing and weapons, to various effect. Gloves will bear Fortify Unarmed and Health Absorbtion so in the event the Sword Saint is disarmed, he is still a weapon. Head, hands, torso, feet, neck, and ring will all bear enchantment chosen by the Sword Saint. Alteration is the Sword Saint's main school, giving the build defenses and paralysis effects, as well as access to spells like Equilibrium, which makes health and magicka interchangeable. Lowering Restoration costs to zero as well will make recovering on the run or even in a fight simple, for the Sword Saint heals are more potent and restore Stamina as well.
The damage output of the Sword Saint is considerable, as is it's healing capacity. The addition of Equilibrium to spells makes Health more important than Magicka. So long as the Sword Saint can cast a spell once, it can swiftly recharge and it's natural costs are minimal. The Sword Saint is a very tanky mage.

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