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Sword Saint 80 #478809

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Alchemy is a bit overkill when you already have full smithing and full enchanting, isn't it? One crafting skills is already really strong, and once you have two crafting skills your numbers get crazy high.

By calciumstrength on Jul 12, 2018
#7185 Reply
Enchanting and smithing won't make potions, and Health is a priority with this build, especially if using Equilibrium.

By Bruno on Jul 12, 2018
#7187 Reply
No, but Resto Heal is sufficient if you need health.

By wuyixiang on Jul 12, 2018
#7188 Reply
Personal preference. Put those points somewhere else if it bothers you. Archery is sparser than I like.

By Bruno on Jul 12, 2018
#7189 Reply
Seconded. Two out of three is more than good enough.

By wuyixiang on Jul 12, 2018
#7186 Reply
The perks are a bit odd. I can't quite thing of a reason why you would want to invest perks into one-handed, two-handed, and blocking. Somewhat confuses me. But it seems like a cool build.

By TrollBridgeJ on Jul 12, 2018
#7183 Reply
My concept is a blademaster weaponsmith. The skill in weaponry is the damage, the magic is healing and innate perks explained as physical mastery. His only magical attack is paralysis, so he needs the weapon skills. It's a martial arts movie trope.

By Bruno on Jul 12, 2018
#7184 Reply