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The Savant 29 #478851

The Savant is a Redguard who was born in Hammerfell to wealthy parents. Born blind, he was disregarded from birth and no one saw any potential in him. However, the Savant learned how to sense his surroundings with a unique and magical gift. The Savant wanted to earn his family's approval. Once he heard of the strife in Skyrim he traveled there to help but was caught on the border.

The Savant dual wields scimitars and wears enchanted Redguard apparel. (Not wearing armor will make protection spells much stronger with mage armor perks) The Scimitars are with a variety of enchantments to deal more damage, drain stamina, etc... Clothes, Ring, and Amulet are enchanted to make Alteration spells cost 100% less and fortify One-Handed and increase Stamina and Health.

Role Playing
The Savant has a generally good conscience and tries to help anyone he can. The Savant embraces being the Dragonborn and may side with the action-focused Blades. The Savant joins the Imperials to help end the war. He also joins the College of Winterhold to learn more about his unique gift and other ways to harness his magical capabilities. He may also join the companions to further help the citizens of Skyrim.

Game play
You will want to be using 2 scimitars and attacking with both. The Savant uses protection spells like Iron-Flesh to minimize damage, as you won't be using armor or have the ability to block while dual-wielding. As Alteration magic won't cost any magicka with your enchanted items you can go crazy with paralyze spells. After you cast a spell you can quickly switch back to dual-wielding to continue to do damage.

Similar builds

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