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The Savant 29 #478851

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It looks good to me, especially for a first build. Well done

By LifeSmith on Jul 22, 2018
#7226 Reply
Hello I agree you will likely want destruction as a ranged option(archery is another choice but destruction seams more fitting to me) and at least pick 1(maybe 2) of your choice of elements depending how high you want to level up your build. Restoration might be something to consider it healing and fighting undead seams like it could fit in at least Role play wise but of course it is your build just food for thought.

By The-Stranger on Jul 13, 2018
#7190 Reply
looks fine, I did mine version...

By clawshaper on Jul 11, 2018
#7182 Reply
Oh, also, you could replace magic resist 3/3 and the tower stone with the atronach perk and the atronach stone. Personally, I like magic absorb more than magic resist when you get it that high, but again, that's more an option than something that's strictly better.

By calciumstrength on Jul 11, 2018
#7179 Reply
Awesome build, man. I'd greatly recommend giving one of the scimitars a drain stamina enchantment to spam power attacks. There's also the option of adding destruction to the build for a ranged option, but more importantly, to take augmented fire/frost/shock and fire/frost/storm enchanter to use with a chaos damage enchantment. It'll benefit from all six of those destruction perks and all three of the enchanting perks. It's the most damaging enchantment you can add to a weapon. That's not required or anything though, just an option to consider.
I'd also recommend getting rid of great critical charge and bladesman perks- critical damage in skyrim is actually quite puny and only adds damage based off of a fraction of a weapon's base damage.

By calciumstrength on Jul 11, 2018
#7178 Reply
Thanks! I Really appreciate your suggestion and complements.

By TrollBridgeJ on Jul 11, 2018
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