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The Crypt Robber 50 #478961

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seems you have missed shadow warrior in sneak, this perk looks necessary for your build shape

By clawshaper on Jul 15, 2018
#7194 Reply
To be honest, shadow warrior isn't as good as many think. It merely turns you invisible for a second when you sneak in combat. Due to enemy AI, their hesitate as long as you're invisible, but it's only for a second. However, if you do want to use it, that's fine by me. It's just one of those perks that I'd get once my other skills are taken care of.

By LifeSmith on Jul 17, 2018
#7208 Reply
So it's like tomb raider without the bow? Why don't you use a bow for this?

By Jon3222 on Jul 15, 2018
#7191 Reply
A bow could work, but it'd be hard to use in tight tunnels that are common in Nordic Ruins. It also makes things difficult with the torch, which is the unique part of this build. If you want to try it though, go ahead.

By LifeSmith on Jul 15, 2018
#7192 Reply
Quick Draw and Power Draw mitigate the difficult in the mid to late game, though using a torch is still hard, so yeah. Better leave the bow out, I think.

By wuyixiang on Jul 16, 2018
#7198 Reply
I did forget to mention something about bows though. Always carry one with a few arrows to use as a distraction. A long bow with iron arrows works fine, and is perfect for getting Draugr to turn their backs

By LifeSmith on Jul 17, 2018
#7209 Reply