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The Unorthodox 50 #479255

The Unorthodox

Race: Dunmer
Gender: Male
Occupation: Agent
Class: Stealth Archer




-Nightingale Hood
-Nightingale Armor
-Nightingale Gloves
-Nightingale Boots

Extra Apparel:
-Ring of the Beast
-Silver Necklace (Fortify Sneak and Magicka)

-Ebony Bow (Absorb Health and Frenzy)
-Nightingale Bow
-Auriel's Bow
-Bloodcursed Elven Arrows



-Become Ethereal
-Drain Vitality
-Frost Breath
-Soul Tear
-Storm Call


-Secret of Protection
-Dragonborn Frost
-Ritual Stone
-Nightingale Strife

Active Effects:
-Seeker of Shadows
-Agent of Mara

Standing Stone:
Lover Stone => Ritual Stone

Signature Attack: Apocalypse

Use Auriel's Bow and Bloodcursed Arrows to black out the sun, then summon a blood tempest with Storm Call in a burst of Vampiric Justice.



A young ranger of noble birth, you were well liked in Windhelm and took pleasure in helping out the common folk. You followed Mara as your patron goddess, and one day she gave you a vision of a dark temple overlooking Dawnstar. Filled with the urge to free the city of it's Daedric problem, you rode west. Meeting a fellow Dark Elf named Erandur, you set out with him to end Nightcaller Temple's scourge upon Dawnstar. However, after clearing out the ruins and destroying the Skull of Corruption, Vermina had one more trick up her sleeve. Converting you to a Vampire, similar to those of Molag Baal, she prepared to set you loose on Skyrim. Your spirit stayed true though, and, despite being horrified at your new form, took it as an opportunity of Mara too redeem Vampires once and for all.


Serana, since she is also a docile vampire.
Erandur, your Dunmer/Mara-Monk Bro.


As a stealth archer, it is important to keep a distance and remain undetected, which is what your Illusion Magic is for. Use Invisibility to sneak up and snipe with your bow, and when discovered use Pacify or Rout to distract the enemies who run at you. Or if there are too many use Frenzy. As a good character, kill bandits, evil vampires, and Daedra, while giving to beggars and serving the Divines. Join the Volkihar Vampires with the hope of turning them around for good, and destroy the Dawnguard as close-minded fools. In addition, when entering cities or public areas, unequip your hood and wear the Nightingale Blade, Harkon's Sword, or other elegant Vampire Sword for show.


I'm not really a modder, but for this build I recommend Sacrosanct Vampires. It forces you to feed and maintain a low level of bloodlust in order to remain sane, and adds a whole new depth to Vampires in Skyrim.

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