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The Unorthodox 50 #479255

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Great Build! I really like the dynamics. Which mod are you using to get the sword on the back?

By saspecial on Jul 31, 2018
#7247 Reply
That was actually some art done by my sister. Cool, right

By LifeSmith on Jul 31, 2018
#7250 Reply
Very cool indeed. That picture was what first got me interested in the build. I spend a long time trying to make my character look like that emoticon I actually installed a mod that made my character not change face when he turned to vampire, as I want to keep the black eyes. Thumps up to your sisters art work! emoticon

By saspecial on Aug 1, 2018
#7251 Reply
Nice build man,you nailed it. emoticon

By Vegito on Jul 29, 2018
#7240 Reply
Thanks bro, I appreciate the support!

By LifeSmith on Jul 30, 2018
#7243 Reply
Ironic name, considering this is a pretty orthodox stealth archer.
Not bad though.

By calciumstrength on Jul 21, 2018
#7218 Reply
Yeah, I mean more the nice vampire part. Kind of like being a popular Dunmer in Windhelm

By LifeSmith on Jul 22, 2018
#7220 Reply
I see a lot wrong with this build

By Elder21 on Jul 21, 2018
#7214 Reply
Unless you have specifics that I'll gladly answer, keep your opinions to yourself. Feel free to comment when one of your builds actually gets a favorite

By LifeSmith on Jul 22, 2018
#7221 Reply
I don't understand, what's wrong? It looks like a roleplay stealth archer with illusion

By Chosen on Jul 21, 2018
#7217 Reply
1]The Enchanted Ebony Bow is Better Than the Nightingale Bow (bc Its leveled)
2]Going from Lover Stone to Ritual Stone does not make a lot of sense in terms of the build
3]A Stealthy archer-Philosopher. No sense to me, also what made you decide vampire as a curious question

By Elder21 on Jul 22, 2018
#7222 Reply
Thank you for the list emoticon
To answer your concerns:
1) There is an enchanted Ebony Bow, and (please someone fact check this but I'm 90% sure) the Nightingale bow at it's highest level is at the strength of a Daedric.
2) That's very true, and for most vampires use Lover => Lady. However, I really wanted to give him vampiric undead powers, and conjuration seemed like one too many skill trees, so I went with the Ritual Stone.
3) The Vampirism is the core of this build. I wanted to use it as a roleplay tool. Without the "Good Vampire" part of this build, it becomes a straightforward stealth archer, without really standing out. And "Philosopher" is just kind of the best way I knew how to sum that up. If you have a better word, please let me know, I need one.

4) I apologize for my previous comment. I was a little pissed off, but I really appreciate your feedback on this build.

By LifeSmith on Jul 22, 2018
#7223 Reply
1. True. The only time Ebony is better than the max-level Nightingale Bow is with Smithing (Nightingale has no Smithing perk associated).

By wuyixiang on Jul 22, 2018
#7227 Reply
You are very welcome
Try Agent for this build it seems to fit the Mara part a bit and accompanies the Good Vampire your looking for
I am also sorry for my vague comment

By Elder21 on Jul 22, 2018
#7224 Reply
Ooh I like it! And no problem man, it's all good

By LifeSmith on Jul 22, 2018
#7225 Reply
It would certainly help to say what's wrong rather than just saying "You're doing it wrong." Simply saying you don't like a build doesn't help the build improve in the slightest.

By wuyixiang on Jul 21, 2018
#7215 Reply
Is the spelling "Orthidox" intentional or a typo of "Orthodox"?

By wuyixiang on Jul 21, 2018
#7213 Reply
I just can't spell

By LifeSmith on Jul 22, 2018
#7219 Reply
It's cool and all, but I don't get the name

By Skybender on Jul 21, 2018
#7212 Reply