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The Alik'r Spellsword 62 #479380

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since you have double enchant maybe enchant you main sword with fire/paralyze it more versetile since it aplly on all atack using the sword instead only Backwars PA and the duration longer.

removing runemaster i doubt you will use it alot since you have better fire spells and alternation spell.

If your lockpicks never break do you still need master lockpicking?

getting merchant out of convenience to sell your potion to anyone instead limited to certain npc. And apparently you can even buy item from the merchant inventory allowing you to buy bugged alchemy ingredients that normally cant be. (source

If you gonna poison your weapon alot maybe grab concentrated poison to have 2 poison swings instead 1?

By Palfatreos on Jul 25, 2018
#7234 Reply
Why not have all three ranks of Mage Armor considering you have no armor perk investment, bc the Mage armor works without any armor on and acts like for example Juggernaut for heavy armor, make the mage armor useful is what I am trying to say. this is by no means negative just pointing you to a better understanding of these perks

By zodinfire on Jul 25, 2018
#7232 Reply
Actually, i wanted ti do it, but i probably forgot It emoticon. I'll Fix It right now, thank you emoticon

By Dextro on Jul 25, 2018
#7233 Reply
I've said this on many builds, and I reckon I'll say it on many more: Having all 3 crafting skills is excessive and wasteful.

By wuyixiang on Jul 24, 2018
#7231 Reply
This is my First build, so be gentle emoticon

By Dextro on Jul 23, 2018
#7228 Reply