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Stoneskin Dragonknight 61 #479443

Born and raised in Bruma, Roth Toor was told of his families legacy and how they have saved the world from complete disaster, all stories told by his Father of course. He was told about how one of his ancestors lost his soul to Molag Bal and regained it back by defeating him. He was also told how his Great Grand Father's, Grand Father stopped the Oblivion Crisis. Roth marveled all of the heroic deeds of his Dragonknight Ancestor and his "distant" Warrior Relative. Later in his teen years he sought to master The Sword and Shield in honor of his Great Grand Father's, Grand Father and the Pyromantic magic like his ancient ancestor, Roth also got a hold to his Father's Armor, which was bestowed to him by his dad. After his school life was over he told his mom and dad that he was headed out to see the world leaving them with good terms, a good suit of armor, a hardy shield, a decent sword, and the knowledge of fire along with some rations along the way. Roth had decided north to Skyrim, but a random customs check got him in trouble, maybe the sword, he was stripped of every thing except for his arcane knowledge. Roth is then carted off to Helgen. Later he finds out he is dragonborn who is to save the world like his family before him.
Roth Toor (Red Inferno)
Magicka=30% Health=40% Stamina=30%
Armor and Clothing
Full set of Dragon Plate Armor, your choice of a ring and a necklace. Enchant with Fortify Destruction, Fortify One Handed, and Resist Fire
Flame Cloak, Incinerate, Wall of Flames
Fire Breath
The Fire Within. Dragonborn Flame
Quests and Factions
Main Quest and Drgaonborn DLC. Imperial Legion. College of Winterhold. The Companions (cure lycanthropy in the end). Dawnguard faction

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