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The Soul Archer 34 #479660

The Soul Archer is an assassin who kills evil doers. Cold-hearted blood runs in this assassin as
she saves Skyrim from the mightiest of bandits and beasts stronger than mer and men. She hates undead but has learnt the art of Conjuration just because she wanted to conjure a bound bow.

Basic Information:

Race: Breton
Gender: Female
Attributes: M 0/ H 1/ S 1
Major Skills: Archery, Enchanting
Minor Skills: Block, Sneak
Standing Stone: Thief => Serpent or Lord


Head: None ( maybe a circlet )
Body: Dawnguard Armor
Hands: Dawnguard Bracers
Feet: Dawnguard Boots
Ring: Ring of Fortify Archery
Amulet: Amulet of Resist Magic
Weapon: Bound Bow, Bound Dagger


The Soul Archer was trained in the art of bows and arrow. She was living peacefully with her husband Windage Battle-Axe. At the age of 26, on one night, rumours of a necromancer who along with his army, was going to attack her town. Her husband closed the door tightly and closed all the windows. They were going to bed. The Jarl had asked the soldiers to surround the gates. They did so.

After some hours, the necromancer summoned a lot of storm atronachs and stormed the whole town.
After waking up, the soul archer found his husband dead in his bed. Tears started rolling down her eyes. She went outside, and saw every person and animal dead. She went to the Jarl's Longhouse and to her surprise, the Jarl was dead as well. She was afraid what to do and was in shock. This was when she discovered that she was resistant to magic.

She then picked up her bow and went to the nearby forests. The Imperials captured her and took all her belongings and gave her roughspun tunic and some footwraps to wear. She was going to be executed with the Stormcloaks but something happened. A dragon, out of nowhere, attacked Helgen and destroyed the city. This gave the archer enough time to escape. She escaped with Hadvar and he asked her to join the Imperials which she rejected.

She ran across a bandit camp and luckily there was only one man there. He readied his sword. The archer told him that they could be a good couple and seduced him. The bandit sheathed his sword. The archer went close to him, took the dagger on his belt and killed him by slicing his neck. She took his belongings and went to the trees. Now, with a bow and some arrows plus a dagger and armor, she hunted the lands for the necromancer, for she wanted redemption.

She was 28 now, and found the necromancer and killed him easily because of her resistance to magic. She went to a city named Whiterun and came across a guard, he told her that a group called the Dawnguard, who are vampire hunters, are looking for new recruits. She hated undead, for her husband was killed by them. She thought that she could fight with these monsters and rid Tamriel of them.

She was 32 now, many men tried to seduce her but failed and met their end at her dagger, for she wanted just her husband. She hunted people for bounties and also sometimes assassinated some, as cold blood flew through her veins.

The Dawnguard
Dark Brotherhood ( Optional )

Quests: ( Optional to do )
The main questline and the dawnguard are some you can do. Also you can join the dark brotherhood as this build is neither leaned to bad or good.

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