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The Soul Archer 34 #479660

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You need to use BBcode. It really decorates the build.

By Akame on Aug 13, 2018
#7283 Reply
What clawshaper said is true and also you need to at least decorate this build and flesh out the backstory. emoticon

By Akame on Aug 7, 2018
#7254 Reply
you need mana for conjuring bow or fortify magicka items, your build tend to encounter high level enemies such as legendary dragon or powerful vampires (if dawnguard installed) so overdraw need to be higher then %60 for handling them, same thing for light armor and enchanthing..otherwise you will be wounded archer like this emoticon

By clawshaper on Aug 3, 2018
#7253 Reply
Also why is everyone using smileys? Let me use one as well. emoticon

By Vegito on Jul 29, 2018
#7239 Reply
The bound bow was random emoticon, however I liked the story. emoticon

By KiliTheLiar on Jul 29, 2018
#7237 Reply
That is just so that players get unlimited arrows and steal their prey's souls, but you can use whichever bow you like. emoticon

By Vegito on Jul 29, 2018
#7238 Reply
I like the story..... emoticon

By AkatoshWrath on Jul 29, 2018
#7236 Reply
Woah, now that is a great build. Keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon

By Allen on Jul 29, 2018
#7235 Reply