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The Flame Archer 36 #479663

The Flame Archer is an assassin who hunts people for their blood. Cold-hearted blood runs in this assassin as she kills and feeds on people living in towns. Day is her worst enemy and night is her best friend.

Basic Information:

Race: Dunmer ( Dark Elf )
Gender: Female
Attributes: M 0/ H 2/ S 1
Major Skills: Archery, Conjuration
Minor Skills: Enchanting, Destruction
Standing Stone: Mage => Shadow or Serpent


Head: Blackguard Hood
Body: Blackguard Armor
Hands: Blackguard Bracers
Feet: Blackguard Boots
Ring: Ring of Fortify Sneak
Amulet: Amulet of Resist Fire
Weapon: Glass Bow or Daedric bow or Ebony bow with Absorb health and Fire Damage enchantment. Steel arrows.


The Flame Archer was a woman living in Morrowind. She was trained in the art of bow and arrow and was pretty good in it. She lived with her mother in her little house. One day as she left the house, she saw a Redguard with a shiny bow and was hoping if she could ask her if she could use it once. The man rejected and asked her if she was a spy. She tried to convince him but he captured her.

After a week of imprisonment, she tried to escape the place but the bandits, captured her again. They tortured her again and again and one day tried to set fire on her. It failed and the archer quickly picked up the bow and arrows and killed them one by one.

When she left the place she was approached by Molag Bal who thought that she could become a good archer in his army and thus contracted her with vampirism. With nowhere to go, the archer became day-by-day evil. Though she became evil, she did not respected Molag Bal and refused to join him. She controlled her mind but eventually became an assassin. In search of people to feed on, she came across an Imperial ambush and was captured. She thought that she could feed on them but they overpowered her.

She escaped Helgen as it was attacked by a dragon. She went to Falkreath, west of Helgen and came across a inn. The innkeeper told her that a boy called Aretino was summoning the dark brotherhood in windhelm. She met him and he told her that he wanted to kill someone. She agreed and it was not long she was kidnapped by the dark brotherhood. She accepted Astrid's offer and eventually became the listener and head of the brotherhood.

She joined the thieves guild and traveled to Raven Rock and met a man named Glover Mallory, he offered her the Blackguard armor that she agreed.

Now 24, she was kidnapped by a group of vampires belong to Volkihar Clan. Lord Harkon told her that he could give her more power than she imagined and she agreed and thus began the end of the world.

The Volkihar Clan
Dark Brotherhood
Thieves guild ( Just to get the blackguard armor set )

The dark brotherhood questline and the dawnguard are what you can do.

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