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Knight Of The Ancients 50 #480020

Knight of the Ancients

Race: Nord Werewolf
Gender: Male
Occupation: Warlord
Class: Sword n' Board




-Helm of Ygnol
-Ahzidal's Armor of Retribution
-Ahzidal's Gauntlet's of Warding
-Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking
-Ysgramor's Shield

Extra Apparel:
-Ring of the Hunt
-Ring of Hircine
-Amulet of Talos

-Nord Hero War Axe


-Battle Fury
-Bend Will
-Call Dragon
-Call of Valor
-Dragon Aspect
-Elemental Fury
-Frost Breath
-Ice Form
-Slow Time
-Unrelenting Force


-North Wind
-Secret of Strength
-Dragonborn Frost
-Battle Cry

Active Effects:
-Dragonborn Force
-Dragon Infusion
-Seeker of Might
-Totem of Brotherhood

Warrior Stone => Atronach Stone
Wind Stone

Signature Attack: Windblessed

Charge forward with the winds at your back, Dragon Magic speeding your blows, and yet you can't seem to tire yourself. (North Wind, Elemental Fury, Secret of Strength)



Once a heroic young knight fighting to end the reign of dragons, you raised an army to help combat the Dragon Priests across the land. As one of the Tongues, your combat sills were legendary, and soon Alduin himself took notice of you. Sending Dukaan to challenge you, Alduin intended to corrupt you into a new Priest. While Vahlok the Jailer and Miraak battled, so did you and Dukaan, and though you defeated him, his last spell was so powerful it froze you solid in Stalhrim. Many generations passed before the Skaal discovered you buried in ice, releasing you. Travelling with their shaman Frea and seeking revenge on the dragon who put you there, you set out, grandson of Ygnol, the Fourth Tongue, the Knight of the Ancients.


Any Companion


For a heavy sword n' board, this build relies a lot on speed. Rush in, crush some skulls, and move on. Range is a major weakness, which is where shouts come in. Frost Breath, Ice Form, and the classic Fus-Roh-Dah will deal with archers and mages enough for you to shield charge or great critical charge them. Alchemy is just there to boost your stats and restore health.

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