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Samurai 38 #480096

The samurai was trained in akavir sword fighting by his father a blade born to serve the emperor. He was also taught archery and smithing to craft his own blade and to ride horseback. You will be expected to carry the legacy of the akavir and join the blades. Training is not easy hitting a dummy all day is dull and the constant routine doesn't help either. One day in 4E 171 a Aldmeri ambassador delivered every head of a blades head in summerset and valenwood to Titus Mede II which sparked the great war. The blades asked to identify the heads of course your father's being one of them. From then on you've trained non stop for revenge.

The blade quests obviously
The main story
The thalmor assassin
Bolars oath blade (not a quest)
Missing in action

First you'll ride in to combat with a bow and arrows then once you ran out switch to duel wield and fight.

Smithing to improve armour and the blade swords,One handed for overall damage,Heavy armor for your protection and Archery for horseback.

A full set of blades armour,two blade swords, ebony bow and a horse. The race is imperial for eyes make them japanese and the lord stone for damage and magic resistance.

Similar builds

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