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The Steel Khajit 31 #480319

"These sands are cold, but Khajiit feels warmness from your presence."

Light armor is used to walk freely and not get burdened while heavy armor is used to get the perk fists of steel


Race: Khajit
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral => Lawful Good
War Alignment: None
Class: Unarmed


Ratio of M/H/S:


Armor Set: Hide/Scaled Armor with Resist magic enchantment, hide/scaled helmet and boots.
Extra Armor: Steel Gauntlets with Unarmed damage enchantment.


The Steel Khajit was a khajit boy named R'Soy living with his father and mother. The boy had a fascination with the khajit claws and used them to defend him from other races. One day, the boy set out from his home to seek adventure and was caught by the imperials. He escaped them and now is finding new ways to improve his claws and he is successful, for he has created the ultimate weapons - The Gauntlets of Justice, not your ordinary steel gauntlets.


The Steel Khajit fights people using his claws and the unarmed damage enchantment. Also because of the lord stone and the enchantment on the armor, mages will not be so tough. For dragons, you could use archery however I'd leave the main quest if I were you.

View of Races

Argonian: Likes argonians. ( +1 )
High Elf: Neutral ( 0 )
Imperial: Bitter hatred to imperials. ( -3 )
Nord: Bitter hatred to nords. ( -3 )
Redguard: Neutral ( 0 )
Breton: Neutral ( 0 )
Wood Elf: Neutral ( 0 )
Dark Elf: Neutral ( 0 )
Orcs: Hatred to orcs. ( -2 )
Khajit: Loves khajits. ( +2 )


J'zargo ( the best )



The portrait is made by UncleHappy.

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