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Hell Fire Knight 40 #480380

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Heavy Armor: I'd skip on fists of steel, cushioned, and conditioning. Well fitted, tower of strength, and matching set would be better if you aren't at the armor cap yet.

Two Handed: Deep wounds is pretty poor, ESPECIALLY if you're adding to your damage with both smithing and enchanting. The critical hits don't do a lot. You should really add sweep, it's one of the few things two handed has going for it over one handed.

Enchanting: Either go all the way with enchanter 5/5 and extra effect or don't bother. Personally I think two crafting skills is overkill, but you can do both if you'd like. Since without conjuration, smithing is the only real way to get daedric armor so you need that for the build.

Destruction: Destruction dual casting is really bad without impact. Impact is THE reason to get destruction dual casting. You should get it if you're going to use dual casting.

By calciumstrength on Aug 30, 2018
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seems block missing, weapon and block comes together except dual wielding

By clawshaper on Aug 30, 2018
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