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The Lone Survivor 49 #480838

Ri'ngir can remember well, his wife and his tribe lying face-down in blood. Now Ri'ngir wants one thing, and that is his revenge!


Ri'ngir is a Cathay-raht, a Khajiit race which is larger than most other Khajiit. When he was 10 years old, his parents died of an illness, so he had to take care of his weak little sister and himself. They lived in the jungle, where Ri'ngir hunted for food with his claws and stole clothes and moon sugar from traveling tribes. He was very thoughtful for his age, which was needed to survive. So over the years, he became fast and strong, even for his race, and became quite good at sneaking, lockpicking and pickpocketing. One day, he and his sister were attacked by a were-lion. It killed his sister, but ultimately, Ri'ngir killed the were-creature with his bare hands.
This was noticed by a bypassing tribe, and the leader invited him to join them, which Ri'ngir gladly accepted. In the years that passed, Ri'ngir grew even stronger and faster, and kept training his thieving skills. He took a wife, a cute Khajiit named Daro'arji, which he loved to death, and eventually became tribe leader because of his skills. Like with his sister, he took care of the weak, making sure no harm was done to them. Everything was well, and he and his wife led an happy life.
This all changed one day when he went out hunting. When he came back, his tribe was ruthlessly murdered, and Daro'arji's body was torn apart. Aparantly just to get some skooma. The only evidence of the murderers was an Amulet of Talos. Ri'ngir followed the trail, and two miles from the camp, he saw a group of Thalmor fighting Nords in Stormcloak outfit. Powered by his newfound hatred, Ri'ngir took out two Stormcloaks with a huge leap, and killed the third (and last) with his claws, faster than any could witness.
After explaining to the elves what had happened, the Thalmor offered him a chance for revenge: to hunt down the followers of Talos in Skyrim. He was given permission to act outside the law, and was given a large sum of gold to reduce the problems with the guards. Ri'ngir took that offer, and went to Skyrim, but was caught on the border because the Nords didn't trust him. What he didn't know however, was that the murder of his tribe was planned by the Thalmor, just to get the help of this legendary Khajiit...

In Skyrim

After escaping Helgen, Ri'ngir has one goal: revenge for his tribe by killing all followers of Talos. But first, he needs to train his thieving skills with the Thieves Guild. Then, he will join the Dawnguard to protect the weak against the vampires, only to become a vampire. He wants to hunt down Talos worshippers, and what is better than being the best hunter out there?
When he is at full power, he will use his thieving skills to search for amulets of Talos. When he has found such a amulet, he kills all inhabitants of that house. He will also join the Imperial Legion to kill the Stormcloaks and help the Thalmor any way he can.


Ri'ngir knows that Nords are excellent fighters, so he should protect himself. That's why he chooses to wear heavy armor, which comes with the benefit that his punches hit harder. He chooses intimidating armor, as the Nords should fear him. That's why he wears Orcish Armor as soon as possible, and in the end Daedric Armor. He also wears a necklace of his choice. He enchants those with fortify unarmed, fortify health, fortify health regen and fortify stamina regen. He wears the Ring of the Beast, given by his fellow vampires.
Besides his armor and his clothing, he carries the tools he needs for smithing: a hammer, a shovel and an iron dagger. For lockpicking, he has at most 40 lockpicks with him, and a shiv, because you can't pick a lock without it. He carries the Black Star and at most five empty soul gems of each size, such that all Nord souls can be trapped.


After visiting the Soul Cairn, Ri'ngir learns that soul trapped creatures don't go to the Sands behind the Stars, Sovngarde or whatever they would go to. So he learns to soul trap, learning the spell from a court wizard.
Being the Dragonborn gives Ri'ngir an even bigger advantage over his enemies. He uses Dragon Aspect, Dragonrend, Marked for Death, Soul Tear and Unrelenting Force. Because it doesn't work on unarmed combat, Elemental Fury won't be used.
Ri'ngir want to prove Skyrim and Solstheim he is the best. Therefore, he searches all Black Books, choosing Secret of Strength, Bardic Knowledge, Dragonborn Force, Lover's Insight and Seeker of Might. He also learns Force without Effort from Paarthurnax and gets Dragon Infusion from Esbern.
As Nords barely use magic there is barely any need to protect against it. Therefore the Lady stone is the best standing stone to take.

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