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The Wind 52 #480842

"The wind blows and takes them with it, the people who are evil and weak."

General Information

Race: Nord

Gender: Male

Residence/House: Hjerim

Stone: Thief => Serpent

The Main Quests
Kyne's Sacred Trials


My name is Saigo War-Driven and I used to be a soldier in the stormcloak army, an archer to be more specific. Ulfric Stormcloak was both my teacher and my brother. As soon as he started the rebellion, I joined it. Driven by the rage over the thalmor and the imperials, I trusted my bow and arrows to make those selfish creatures die one by one. But one day.......Windhelm was attacked by an army of imperials who had somehow managed to add two giants to their team. We fought bravely and drove the imperials and the giants out. But the loss of half the army was enough. Me, Ulfric and Ralof went to different places to recruit new members and we were successful until we were attacked and ambushed by the imperials. I thought that we were almost done for, but the gods ( or Alduin ) had different plans for me and a dragon attacked. In the chaos that followed, me, Ralof, Ulfric and many other soldiers escaped what was meant to be our graveyard.

After many years, I ( or I can say we ) destroyed the Imperial Army and killed General Tullius. Elisif is still the Jarl of Solitude and Ulfric the Jarl of Windhelm. I don't know what future awaits me and my brother.

The rumours of the dragons were true and the most fearsome of them all, Alduin had arrived to Nirn and is ready to wreak havoc. The Imperials are dead and the stormcloak army is still very low. If the thalmor were to attack, will we stand a chance at all? But the fear was gone when I was told that I was the dragonborn. I defeated Alduin, the World-Eater, in Sovngarde and peace was found at last. Now I and my brother could live peacefully until the thalmor were to invade. But we are also preparing for the worst and training like hell........
The bow is readied.


Saigo War-Driven used to have a different mind than others. Stalking his prey from the shadows and waiting for it to make a wrong move, when he goes for the kill. His learning of Alchemy proved to be very useful for killing imperials and thalmor. He uses a different set of armors whenever he feels so. But the question is: What will you choose?
The arrow has found its target.

Potions and Poisons

Ingredients: Blue Mountain Flower + Giant's Toe + Imp Stool
Effect: Restore Health and Fortify Health

Frostbite Venom
Ingredients: Canis Root + Imp Stool + Mora Tapinella
Effect: Paralysis, Lingering Damage Health

Strong Resist
Ingredients: Fly Amanita + Hawk Beak + Snowberries
Effect: Resist Frost, Fire and Shock


The one on the top: Stormcloak Officer Set
The one on the bottom: Scaled Armor, Bracers, Boots and Mage Hood
Weapons: Your most trusted Long bow and steel arrows.

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