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Son Of Molag Bal 40 #480978

Name: Bolag Mal
Race: Vampire Dark Elf
Spells: Muffle, Invisibility, Fire Spells, Sword and dagger summon
Gear: Royal Vampire Clothes, All the vampire gears, and some magic hood
Factions: Brotherhood, Maybe college of Winterhold, Civil war you can choose,

Bolag Mal is ambitious, power seeking, crazy vampire who doesn't care who he kills, he will kill anyone if he has to. He doesn't have any morals or guilt.
He attacks from the shadows with a dagger or a sword if he's noticed he burns all of his enemies


In the beginning of the fourth era The Valkihar Vampire clan is trying to find Serena the daughter of Lord Harkon. Valkihar vampire named Kirsten meets a man in her search to find Serena. He falls in love with this man and decides to leave The Valkihar clan and live with this man his life, she even told him that she's a monster, but the man didn't care, because he didn't think her as a monster.
They had to move around a lot, she had betrayed the most dangerous vampire alive. They moved to Cyrodil where they could live in peace.
Something impossible happened, Kirsten got pregnant. It shouldn't have been possible, after all she is undead vampire. It got hard for her to feed because the child didn't want blood. So, she went to Molag Bal's shrine to pray for his help. Molag Bal was surprised for this women condition, because Molag Bal could feel the little vampire growing inside Kirsten. Molag Bal gave Kirsten his own demonic blood, only because he had never witnessed vampire get pregnant, so he knew this child would be different and more powerful than any other undead creature. During the pregnancy Kirsten asked Molag Bal to make his husband a vampire too, it took some time to get him to agree in to it but in the end Molag Bal agreed to turn him. In nine months, Kirsten gave birth to undead nord vampire baby. Kirsten wanted to show Molag Bal the baby she gave birth. Molag Bal felt how powerful this child was, it may have been even more powerful than him, but this child woke some emotions in him he could feel and care for this child, this is a secret he never is going to tell anyone because this kid is his only weakness against his enemies. He gave the family on last bottle of his blood to feed the child. He asked if he could name him and Kirsten agreed to it after all he helped them survive the pregnancy. Molag Bal named him Bolag Mal after him.

Bolag Mal grew up faster than normal kids but stopped aging at the age of 24. The older he got the more his power grew. He was sometimes able to go speak with his second father Molag Bal, where he tried to learn control his powers, they were too powerful for him to control. One time he got back home he found his parents murdered and burned, seeing their corpses in the ground burned he lost it all the power he was trying to control broke and took him under his control. He found the little castle where the hunters were hiding, he murdered and destroyed everything there was. The moment Bolag lost control Molag Bal felt the sadness take control of Bolag.
After Bolag had revenged his parents he saw the destruction he had caused and got scared and ambitious of his powers. He went to speak with his father (Molag Bal) who decided to raise him how he sees fit.

He wanted to make him warrior and that way control his powers, so he locked him up and tortured him for years. He didn't give him a break from pain until Bolag wouldn't feel any physical or emotional pain. During Bolag's torturing he was barning in fire his appearance started to chance, and he started to turn into darkish color, all the torture turns him into dark elf, Molag didn't understand how it was possible, but he knew that the whole existence of Bolag was impossible. When he had succeeded that Bolag was in total control of his powers and was emotionless. Bolag overpowered his father and escaped back to Tamriel, where he was strongest creature alive.

Now has passed hundreds of years and you take control of him.
If not using a mod He was captured by the imperials because he let them take him.
If mod using pick a start that suits the character best

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