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Son Of Molag Bal 40 #480978

You are replying to comment #33 | I'd rather not
:) :D ;) :O <:D :S :} :p #:| :'( :( <3) <3 0:) :* (y) (n) >:) :# +:( :/ :| :@ 8) 8p :$ <:( :< :> :ew :M 8B ;}

And I would read the last paragraph you have a few spelling mistakes.

By Blackmatter on Sep 12, 2018
#7346 Reply
yeah sorry for my bad English, see I am from Finland and I speak Finnish as my native language, I only study English as my second language even tho I have been studying it for over seven years now I still make some mistakes occasionally and I'm only 16 years old.

By Bezku on Sep 13, 2018
#7347 Reply
I see now thanks

By Blackmatter on Sep 12, 2018
#7345 Reply
Now here is the thing I noticed part way through the Description is that you said that she gave birth to a nord but the race you pick at the begging of the game is Dark elf? emoticon

By Blackmatter on Sep 12, 2018
#7343 Reply
I guess that you didn't read the whole backstory because it's quite long, but after Bolag Mal's real parents deaths he went to speak with Molag Bal who tortured him for centuries, during that his body changed so much and he gain the ability to resist fire more, so the Dark Elf fitted more to the build.
I hope that you understood what I'm trying to say here.

By Bezku on Sep 12, 2018
#7344 Reply