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Kratos (God Of War 4) 45 #481013

This build is centered around Kratos from God of War 4. You will use your Axe and Shield to crush your foes, you can also use dual Swords or Daggers (Recommended).

Even though this is Kratos I recommend using either Nord or Orc as your starting race, unless you have a spartan mod. The idea is to put Frost on the Axe and Chaos damage on your dual wield weapons. Other enchantments are completely up to you, a long with armor choice.

Lore? Just watch/play the God of War games and come up with a plot for yourself. Too lazy? Ight I gotchu.

(Warning Spoilers for any God of War games)
After Kratos and Atreus went home and they fell asleep. Kratos and Atreus has a dream, they are in a land they aren't familiar with, yet it seems so close to Midgard. Kratos was wandering, without any weapons nor did he have most of his godly powers. He came across a battle, a battle between the Stromcloaks and Imperials. They captured Kratos, thinking he was a Stormcloak. Kratos could not do much as he was still confused as to where he was.

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