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Pure Assassin 52 #481070

This build is for people that want to play a playthrough without magic and a stealth character, this build will be harder without illusion but really fun to be able to create powerful poisons and potions.
You can roleplay you are a bount hunter, raised by a group of outlaws and assasins.

You can also add speech to the build, or if playing a harder difficulty, add smithing and enchanting, but best avoid all magic just for roleplaying purposes, but all that is up to you.

You could also be a werewolf, or a Vampire if you like, I would go werewolf but thats up to you as well.

I added pickpocket to the build because money is everything and also its really bloody fun to pickpocket the clothes of guards and stuff like that, but its more of an optional skill, just to add the thieve feeling to the build.

Thieves guild and the dark brotherhood are a must.
The main story line
The companions (optional)
The college you can leave for later

You can either wear the nightgale armour set o the ancient shrouded armour from the dark brotherhood, but its up to you.
Argonians go really good with thus build, so does wood elfs and khajits, not dark elve though, because they use magic, but if you want to go with them you can.

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