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Imperial Agent 35 #481075


As young lad, Falvius wanted to do a profession that suited him. His Father wanted him to enroll in the Imperial Legion. So at age 10 his father started training him, at first it was trial and error. His father saw that the crossbow and his son were as one. At age 20 he enrolled to please his dad, but his dad gave the crossbow to him before he went into the enrollment hall. Once inside Falvius went to the main desk, the Enrollment Officer recognized the crossbow and said "Your the son of Blake Vantin". Falvius then replied "Yes I am". How did he know my father's name, he thought either way he was sent immediately to Imperial Ranger Special Operations. When he was making his bed he noticed a spider, very small at that, and jumped back. His bunk mate noticed it as well, and what he did next puzzled and confused at the same time, harvesting venom from a spider. Falvius said "Could you teach me how to do that?" and his bunk mate was happy to oblige. The trick was to harvest the venom while the creature was alive, but when Falvius held the spider he was kind of shaking his hand resulting in the spider bitting him. He knew what to do drink a lot of water and stay still for as long as he could, but there was one side effect and that was frostbite, the bitter cold inside him. It was a baby frostbite spider. His dad told stories of giant spiders the size of a cow. The next day he was talking to his bunk mate ad he told the other way to harvest the venom, "just kill them and take the venom gland". At that moment 3 guards came in and told him he was under arrest for stealing an Emerald from a jeweler, (he would steal from his dad, but that was a game they made up) and sure enough there it was in his pocket. As the officer drew his dagger, Flavius took it and stabbed him with. From then one he would slowly head north keeping the dagger with him and leaving his family crossbow behind. By the time he got to the border an imperial patrol caught him and put him on a cart to Helgen. Better than justice in the city he thought. The next thing he knows he is saved by the mythical and legendary Alduin and thus free from his crime in the Imperial City.

M=00% H=50% S=50% until 250

Head: Ancient Shrouded Cowl
Neck: Amulet of Articulation
Body: Blackguard's Armor
Arms: Ancient Shrouded Gloves
Finger: N/A
Feet: Nightingale Boots or Ancient Shrouded Boots

Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow
Mehrunes' Razor
Nightingale Strife
Quests and Factions

Main Quest+Drgonborn
Dark Brotherhood
Thieves Guild

In large rooms or open areas use the crossbow to take out targets, but in samll spaces use the dagger and abuse the silent roll to kill all targets. Nightingale Strife is an insurance policy for this build

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