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The Bosmer 32 #481077

-For Roleplay Purposes-
To begin with, this Bosmer was originally founded in the forests of their homeland. Being transported one day throughout Skyrim and eventually caught over the border. After finding their way throughout Helgen and escaping with [Insert Name Here], they both escaped and made their way across Skyrim. Somehow, the Bosmer found that they were incredibly good with most any bow, along with a few know-hows taught to them from their parents from sneaking around and hunting things. So now, all that's left is for YOU to find out how you're going to play as this sneaky little devious elf. Starting at a fairly low level and standards for your character, this build shouldn't be too hard to make.

The archery skill tree, which is obvious for this build, is going to be for attacking your enemies like the true Bosmers do so. Who knows what could possibly bring this through and through? Using a Bosmer's enhanced eyesight(?) to look through their bow, it's almost like zooming in.

The one-handed skill tree is for little daggers in case if a bow doesn't seem to work and you're in a tight spot between an enemy and your bow. Since wasting arrows kinda suck, this would be much better than shooting and shooting until your enemy eventually dies.

Next up is the light armor skill tree. This is for sneaking around like a sneaky snake and shooting your enemies in the back with your bow, or even silently assassinating them with a dagger. The same is said for your actual sneaking skill tree, so you don't get caught miserably.

Finally, there's the alchemy skill tree, which is used for making poisons and healing potions. Just so you don't end up torturing yourself, this is better for anything with alchemy.

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