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The Dragon Knight 39 #481559

Race: Nord
Gender: Male or Female
Standing Stone: The Warrior Stone early on, the after all of the leveling is done, then take The Serpent Stone
Stats: 0/1/1
Spells: N/A
Gear: Full Dragonbone Armor, Dragonbone Greatsword, The Dragonsbane Enchantment (if possible), every dragon preist mask for either collectibles or gear
Shouts: Every shout
Faction(s): Dawnguard DLC, siding with the Dawnguard, the Companians Guild
To get unlimited shout time, watch this walkthrough that I found and love:
You will love dragons and the Greybeards and despise The Blades. To do the glitch in the video, you do not need any mods if you’re like me and don’t have enough money for mods and/or don’t like to use mods and like to play legit with acception of the DLC’s. Outside of combat, you will take off your helmet/Dragon preist mask, while inside of combat, wear the helmet/Dragon preist mask.

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