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The Aura Guardian 96 #481577

Healer, Mage, Warrior. Aura Guardians are all of these and more. You are a member of this heroic and Noble group. The best starting race breton because of their high magical defense. They wear no armor only clothing so try and make sure that you really grind the enchantment and alteration skill trees early on it being the game so pick the mage standing Stone for fast leveling. After you get those two to level 100 take the lovers Stone so you can level up the other skill trees.
When going to battle use the Mage Armor spells and bound sword as well as destruction class spells. Don't be afraid to splurge on health potions early on in the game that's when you're at your weakest but later on I dare say you'll be able to take on at Mehrunes Dagon himself. And that's the point of this build to literally make you look bigger than life.

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