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Molag Bal 33 #481639

Race: Dark Elf (There isn't a Daedra race which freaking sucks but you can get a mod)

Gender: Male

Weapon: Mace of Molag Bal (Try to do the mission as quick as you can)

Magic: Anything in conjuration except "Bound Weapons"

Armor: Full Daedric with any enchantments and such

Affliction: Dawnguard (Be a Vampire), the Daedras quests, and Mages College (If you want better Conjuration magic)

Backstory: After growing restless of Coldharbour, Molag Bal decided to travel to a different realm one he could conquer. After starting a huge war with Tamriel, Molag Bal began to learn different styles of magic, one that could disguise him as anyone one of his choosing. He began to mimic many emperors, jarls, and soldiers spying on the protectors of Tamriel. One day he disguised as a Dark Elf but to his surprise he couldn't revert back. He then got caught crossing the border illegally and taken to Helgen. Once he got out of Helgen, he became desperate to get his old form back but for now he was stuck. Even though he was stuck in that form he still was good with conjuration. He then found some of his old Daedric Armor and he began the destruction of Skyrim.

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