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The Knight Of The Nine 80 #481695

Preferred Race:
Imperial (Male)
Anything white or Gold/silver (ie, dwarven armor)
Suggested pieces (May use own enchanted gear as well)
Helm: Kohnarik, Masque of Clavicus Vile, Visage of Mzund, Dawnguard Heavy Helm
Armor: Dawnguard Heavy Armor
Shields: Shield of Solitude, Shield of Ysgramor, Spellbreaker, Aetherial Shield, Auriel's Shield
Anything you like that fits the theme
Chillrend, Dawnbreaker, Auriel's Bow, Dawnguard Rune Axe, Zephyr, Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow
Necklace: Amulet of a Divine (Whichever will benefit you most), the Gaulder Amulet, Enchanted choice
Ring: Wedding Band, Enchanted Choice
Spells: Best healing spells you can use, turn undead spells, ward spells (Use spellbreaker)
Standing Stone: Atronach Stone. As long as you are lawfull good in all your actions, only doing things for the greater good, you will have this blessing. If you fall and do something for your own gain that goes against the Divines, you must use the apprentice stone. Under the Divine's protection you will be very resistant to magic but only when you serve them. If you do not serve them (Serving a daedra, or anything that would give you a bounty) then you will be much weaker to magic.

Backstory: You were born in the imperial city of Kvatch. Your family didn't have much growing up and would have to resort to anything that could give them their next meal. Your father was a large man and your mother was kind. She taught you of the Divines and their creation of Nirn. One stormy night on the 3rd of Hearthfire your dad cam running home. He made you and your mother pack up everything you could. You packed up a carriage your dad had brought home and rode off into the night. Past Skingrad on the golden road, your family was ambushed by bandits. Your mother was shot with an arrow to the heart. As your father sped the cart up, the cart slipped and toppled over. Your mother shoved you with her last breath down a ditch so the bandits wouldn't find you. You rolled down the ditch and your head hit a rock, knocking you unconscious. When you came to, the wagon was flipped and looted and your mother and father lay dead beside it. You huddled under the cart to have some shelter from the rain and fell asleep.
You woke the next morning to the sound of horses and soldiers. You heard them mention your father's name and how the bandits must have found out he was transporting weapons for the imperial soldiers when suddenly someone peeked in the cart and saw you. It was a nice looking imperial dressed in white armor. He helped you out of the cart and took you back to home in Bruma. This man was a knight of the nine. He taught you how to fight and what it meant to serve the nine divines. Twenty years had passed after the signing of the White Gold Concordat, outlawing Talos worship. The old knight told you that they must stand by Talos, regardless of what the laws of the land say. Five years later, the Thalmor with imperial soldiers came to the keep and ordered the arrest of the knight and yourself although they did not seem to want to simply arrest you both. When your mentor stood up to go with them one of the Thalmor Justicars threw a firebolt at him. He quickly dodged the ball of flames, pulled his sword, and told you to grab the horse and meet him at the gate. You made it to the stables in the back of the castle and to the front gate. When you looked for your mentor you saw him on the steps leading into the training hall. He was kneeling, disarmed, with the Thalmor right behind him. He looked up at you, smiled, and yelled "Hail to Talos" before being beheaded. You ride your horse north to Skyrim where you find a camp of Nords. They see your Amulet of Talos and take you in and give you food. Later that night you are all ambushed, captured, and carted to Helgen where the story begins.

First thing you want to do when leaving Helgen is continue the main quest until the first dragon is defeated then head to the Atronach stone. Help anyone in need along your way.

Main: Finish. First Priority
Companions: Can start early and Finish later. Will become a werewolf but cure it as soon as possible. (Normally wouldn't even consider it but you trust in Skjor) Second Priority.
College of Winterhold: Will Finish.
Thieves Guild: Will not Join (if you cant persuade Brinjolf to help you without helping him first you will steal the ring and put it right back then tell Brynjolf you lost the ring.)
Dark Brotherhood: Will destroy it. (Will kill grelod the kind only after investigating that her death would help all the orphans.
Civil War: Stormcloaks due to Talos Worship Third Priority.
Blades/Greybeards: Your Choice. You were sent to destroy Alduin and quell the dragons so if you need to kill parthurnax (You horrible person) then you can. If not the spirituality of the Greybeards is probably the better choice. (After you help find skyhaven temple you can complete the quests for the Blades to help them rebuild and use them to fight as many dragons as you need. I recommend stopping after you have the potion from Esbern that reduces dragon damage by 25%)

*Edit: No black soul gems can be used to capture souls of humans. If you still want to enchant your weapons and armor you can use white souls of animals. If you think your character wouldn't harm animals for the sake of the quest you can buy them or just use enchanted items you find. You don't need any extra enchanting help unless you play on legendary difficulty.

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