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The Knight Of The Nine 80 #481695

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I like this build idea. I?ve been wanting to do a more religious type of build. I was thinking a Nord who worships the Nine, he would be a bit of an extremist in that he would look to harm anyone who speaks out against Talos. So he would have his own set of morals. He would collect the Daedric weapons and artifacts so they can?t fall into the wrong hands. The rest of this build lines up with what I was thinking though.

By dneville80 on Dec 16, 2018
#7489 Reply
The fun part of the build is the roll play. Find a moment in a quest that makes you shun evil and if you fall to evil temptation, really punish your character and figure out a way to bring him back to the light. Lawful good with some exceptions when the greater good is seen as the right thing to do rather than obey the law

By Koxden on Oct 16, 2018
#7402 Reply
Example: you commit murder or steal for your own gain. Switch to the apprentice stone. After helping citizens and repaying your deed, switch back to the atronach stone. With quests you want to complete really badly you just have to justify your actions. Like the Thieves guild may be completed if you only steal from those who steal and give to the poor. It is a stretch but it might be fun to try to find ways to do the right things. Also Daedric quests aren't always evil.

By Koxden on Oct 16, 2018
#7403 Reply
This build seems quite interesting and so is the backstory. I'm just wondering though, could I use a two-handed weapon because personally I've never done a two handed build. If I can use a two-handed weapon do you have any suggestions? Thanks for posting this awesome build by the way! emoticon emoticon emoticon

By Warhawk on Oct 14, 2018
#7399 Reply
Any dwarven weapon would fit the theme. If you have chrysemere from the creation club that gives you some more spell absorption. The bloodskaal blade is really fun to use. Wuthraad is another fun choose to stop the thalmor that killed your master. Remeber you can take perk points from block and put them elsewhere. I recommend you get rid of shield charge and add the sweep perk to hit more than one enemy with a sideways power attack and remember that bashing is your friend.

By Koxden on Oct 16, 2018
#7401 Reply
it is a good build there is a mod for knights of the nine armor and weaponry

By Dayatora on Oct 11, 2018
#7397 Reply
Those fit the build really well. I tried not to limit personal creativity with this build. Use any mods that you like. You can do the quests that may be "evil" if you have a good enough reason too.

By Koxden on Oct 12, 2018
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Nice build! Don't you think that Enchanting is not necessary lawful good? I mean it requires souls of creatures/people.

I know that Alteration gives good passive bonuses but i kinda dont see a paladin use alteration. Maybe you can enlighten me emoticon

By Zlorfik on Oct 3, 2018
#7379 Reply
Hi Zlorfik, thanks for the comment! The only reason alteration skills are purchased it for the 30 percent magic absorption to bring the magic absorption to 80% instead of just 50% with the atronach stone. I had an extra point so i put it in stability for the shout length increase as well.

As far as enchanting I should edit that there will be no capturing souls of humans. Animals is up to the user or you can just purchase them. The build is pretty flexible too though so if you don't want to you don't have to.

I also put the points in enchanting and alchemy on all characters level 80 or higher so you can maximize the damage with your weapons and reach the armor cap with any type of armor you choose. You can skip all these perks if you want and just use what you find instead.

By Koxden on Oct 3, 2018
#7387 Reply
That take on enchanting works for me emoticon as for Alteration and Alchemy i'd say it ends up being personal taste..

By Zlorfik on Oct 4, 2018
#7388 Reply
You could do potions only and only good ingredients (no human flesh or heart) and alteration is pretty much just for the perks. If you want to do spells then you can use ash shell to protect people from damage and utility spells like magelight and waterbreathing but nothing dishonest like paralysis or telekinesis

By Koxden on Oct 5, 2018
#7391 Reply