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Sabetha Stormblade 28 #481863

Sabetha is a mercenary through and through, and completely unashamed of that fact. She will do just about anything if promised enough gold, and has no qualms about betraying an employer if she's offered a better deal. She is completely upfront about this, however, and has even been known to warn employers of the potential that she'll betray them. She values honesty above anything else, and can become quite vengeful if she discovers she's been lied to.

Ambitious and unabashedly impolitic, she says what she thinks and does what she wants without a care for the consequences. She is utterly undaunted by the prospect of her own potential death, and her actions reflect that fearlessness through their astounding lack of caution. She tends to grow fond of those she works with frequently, but when push comes to shove her only true loyalty is to herself. Though she's capable of empathy and won't kill needlessly, she also won't hesitate to take a life if the need arises. She's particularly fond of treasure hunting, and gets a disturbing amount of glee from lighting things on fire.

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