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Tank Paladin 60 #481872

This paladin will focus on defense, not particularly proficient with any one weapon, but very strong and able to decimate his foes with sword and shield.

Weapons and Armor

You will primarily use heavy armor, one handed weapons (excluding daggers), and a shield. I recommend the Dwemer set, as it looks very paladin-esque in my opinion. You can always use armor mods that add paladin style armors, like the Divine Crusader, or anything of the sort.

Dawnbreaker is an obvious recommendation for a weapon, but again, as long as it's a one handed mace, sword, or axe, it's fair game.


Breton or Imperial for their racials. Breton is more recommended for gameplay aspects as the magicka absorption is pretty nice. The Imperial racial is pretty nice for roleplay aspects, as a paladin is a strong and charismatic leader, and can calm and unite people with his very presence.

Standing Stones

This is really up to whether you want health regen or skill leveling to be faster. I recommend the Lady Stone for the health regen, to help sell the 'tank' side of the build.


Magicka and Stamina are less important than health. The regen perks help with stamina, but the whole point is to be tanky. I recommend 30 Health / 15 Magicka / 15 Stamina

Enchanting is a must. Fortify regen for any stat or more defense, whichever you prefer.
Any other profession is optional. You might want smithing for getting better armor and weapons earlier, but that's up to you.

All of the perks are meant to give you the upper hand in defense, as well as having a decent amount of offense. Being able to bash your foes to the ground, being able to handle more than a few enemies, and being able to take on large foes. You can tweak them to your liking, but the general idea is defense without needing to turtle.

Paladins are lawfully good people. I won't require questlines or anything, but your decisions should be based on doing what is right for the good of everyone involved. Conflict is inevitable in some cases, but make sure that it is entirely justified.

Optionally, you can install mods that give you more paladin esque spells. The perks should work out the same with the schools of magic.

As i play on PS4, this is a mod that i use for various spells. It is available on all platforms, so it's usable for everyone.

For weapons and armor, you can scour the nexus or Bethesda's site yourself for paladin style armors that fit your desires. As i play on PS4 i can't really recommend any, because Sony SUCKS! But there are a couple that i remember seeing, such as Chrysamere, and i know there are plenty of Hedge Knight armors or other Divine looking armors.

This was built with the intention of staying true to a tank style paladin, with allowing some customization from player to player

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