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Silence 45 #482511

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why you needed 11 skill of 18, I suggest maximum 6 skill for encounter to ebony warrior

By clawshaper on Nov 16, 2018
#7433 Reply
New build for Silence. Tell me what you think.

By Demoman324 on Nov 12, 2018
#7427 Reply
Thank you for your feedback I will work on it some more.

By Demoman324 on Nov 12, 2018
#7426 Reply
I'm being really honest. This build looks like perks spread out for no reason. Maybe a little description might help. I recommend checking LifeSmith's builds for inspiration.

By Akame on Nov 8, 2018
#7421 Reply
Thank you for your advice! I have, However, improved upon my build and invite you to check it out.

By Demoman324 on Nov 16, 2018
#7431 Reply
Gotta echo Kaos, here. "Builds" are certain ways of building a character, where you pick and choose what sort of skills the character will use. This guy is a whole bunch of everything spread out, not really built for anything in particular.

By calciumstrength on Nov 3, 2018
#7418 Reply
I appreciate your honesty and I have revised my build into a much better version that needs some critique.

By Demoman324 on Nov 16, 2018
#7430 Reply
Wow, Level 98? Good guy or bad guy? Not really so much a build as it is a lack of a build!

By RndmKaos on Nov 2, 2018
#7417 Reply
thank you for your feedback! There is a new build now that I would like to hear your thoughts on.

By Demoman324 on Nov 16, 2018
#7429 Reply
This doesn't appear to be a build that you actually played. You seem to randomly pick skills and are still dabbling too much into too many skills. Pick a direction and go in it. I never understand when a person puts 2 perks into powering up a weapon, if you're going with it, go all the way. you may choose not to take every perk, but certainly take every 20% upgrade if it's part of your build. For me a build called silence is likely an assassin. So, sneaking, one handed, archery, illusion, and alchemy. Those are the skills I'd be picking from as main skills, i wouldn't take them all.

By RndmKaos on Nov 16, 2018
#7434 Reply