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The Highlander 48 #482771

-Nord or Breton

Weapon Options:
-Skyforge Steel Greatsword, Skyforge Steel Battleaxe, The Longhammer, Dawnguard Rune Hammer, Bloodskal Blade, Ebony Blade

Armor (light):
-Dawnguard Armor (chest, hands and feet) and/or Royal Vampire Armor
-Linwe's Hood, Thieves Guild Hood, Shrouded Hood or Guild Master's Hood (for looks)
-Ring and necklace enchanted with "Fortify Two-Handed" and/or "Resist Magic"
-If using a lot of shouts, Amulet of Talos

Recommended Spells:
-Fast Healing, Invisibility, Muffle, Stoneflesh / Ironflesh

Recommended Shouts:
-Throw Voice, Slow Time, Elemental Fury

Recommended Stats:
2:3:1 ratio for Magicka : Health : Stamina

(This build requires the Dawnguard DLC)
There can only be one!
The Highlander is a melee fighter focused mostly on sneaking with a 2-handed weapon. It uses magic to aid itself in combat. To that effect, rather than continuously opening the menus, make sure you bind your spells and weapons to keybinds (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...) for a smooth transition in a fight. Challenge yourself, and try this out with no potions!

Leveling Details:
It is recommended to mostly focus on the Two Handed, Smithing and Sneak skills first. To aid this, the Warrior's Stone will help a lot when leveling. Swap over to the Lord Stone once your Two Handed skill reaches 60 or 80 and you at least have Silent Roll. Once you have the Silent Roll and Great Critical Charge perks, that's when the real assassinations begin.

Always roll in to your backstabs for an easier time, and to get multiplying bonuses between Critical Charge and the sneak attack from your 2-handed weapon.
To reset a fight for multiple backstabs, simply crouch again to activate Shadow Warrior and cast Invisibility (optional) for more coverage. The Quiet Casting perk will also cause your spells and shouts to be silent and help you remain hidden.
Take the Quick Reflexes perk in Block if you have problems timing your counters and dodges. If you REALLY like the Slow Time shout, get the Stability perk in Alteration to extend its duration. This will also make Ironflesh a viable spell to use instead of Stoneflesh.

Once fully leveled, this setup will easily reach the armor and magic resist cap without any exploits or enchanting. Make sure you do the quest in Riften for the Agent of Mara effect.
You'll want to aim for about 200-250 magicka and 150 stamina in the end game, then dump the rest of your points into health.

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