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Hircine's Hunter 73 #482783

Hircine's hunter is a gifted breton(can also be nord or wood elf) hunter and werewolf who hunts not for fun but for worship. This hunter is gifted in the art of hunting( stealth, one handed, archery) and arcane arts( conjuration) He/she is a force to be reckoned with as he/she can transform into a werewolf at will.

Saviors hide, Wolf armor, stormcloak officer armor, daedric bow, daedric dagger, daedric sword, rueful axe, Rings from the frostmoon pack(dragonborn dlc).

Conjure bow, Conjure sword, conjure dagger, conjure battleaxe, conjure familiar.

beast form, summon werebear.

companions, stormcloaks, Dark brotherhood, Dawngaurd, college of winterhold.

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