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Darth Maul 34 #482898

Maul was born and raised in Highrock. Where he was trained by Bretons in the art of conjuration to form Swords with just his hands. Simultaneously being trained as a assassin based operative for the Highrock politics despite being an Orc, Maul was deadly with the blade as well as his brain which led him to be feared across Tamriel. But one day on a mission to assassinate a Thalmor general in Skyrim he was caught at the border.

He uses a simple bound sword while wearing a shrouded hood, black mage robes and boots. To find work he?ll have to find something close to home such as joining the dark brotherhood.

For his skills Maul uses enchanting,conjuration,one handed and sneak. This all fits with his orc bonuses such as enchanting and one handed.

In conclusion I made this build with inspiration from comments on the forum I posted about this topic. If you guys want to ask anything or leave anything down below feel free to do so.

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