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BC: The Protector 41 #483141

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It so detailed! I love it!

By CaffeinatedSkel on Dec 3, 2018
#7470 Reply
Pretty good backstory. Nice job,

By CurseNeverDying on Nov 22, 2018
#7440 Reply
I really love the idea that he broke his arm and that's why he uses wards.

By jodro on Nov 22, 2018
#7439 Reply
I must say, this is a really awesome build. I cannot describe it in words just how much awesome it is. The photos really impressed me. Keep doing this and I'm sure you could one of the best builders of this site.

By Akame on Nov 22, 2018
#7437 Reply
Thanks, you know before I just made some builds for myself, like mixing some perks and making simple backstory. But I actually liked the idea of build contest so i decided to put some work in it

By Fafelek on Nov 22, 2018
#7438 Reply
addition, this build looks fine to me emoticon

By clawshaper on Nov 19, 2018
#7436 Reply
I'd suggest left side armor for agile moves, because right side usually for shielded fighters (tower of strength also represents shield's reflect stagger effect which is actually need to be in block skill and reflect blows also represents shield's reflect damage)

By clawshaper on Nov 19, 2018
#7435 Reply