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Hist Warden 51 #483559

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Why are you avoiding power attacks? The dual wielding power attack is really the only reason to dual wield.

By calciumstrength on Dec 3, 2018
#7463 Reply
The goal is to kill quickly, and fast dual strikes with elemental fury out-DPS the power attacks easily.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 3, 2018
#7464 Reply
Interesting. I would have assumed elemental fury with the perks that make standing power attacks do 25% more damage and dual wielding ones an additional 50% more damage would outweigh that.

By calciumstrength on Dec 3, 2018
#7465 Reply
Actually I take it back, you are correct. The ideal method is to dual wield power attack and follow it up with a regular attack while under the effects of dual flurry and elemental fury. I'm going to edit the build to account for this and test it out. I apologize entirely.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 3, 2018
#7468 Reply
No need to apologize! I was just surprised to see the lack of power attacking on a dual wielder, and wanted to check out what was up. Besides that, this seems like a good build. I personally wouldn't bother with enchanting, since you aren't enchanting weapons, but that's more a personal preference to avoid too much crafting. Another cool thing is that Stability increases the effects of Slow Time, so in some situations that might be another shout to try out. Even if Elemental Fury is the main one.

By calciumstrength on Dec 3, 2018
#7469 Reply
Will take all of that into account- didn't know that about Stability and Slow Time, that's neat. I still think enchanting is easy enough to move into, even if you just take Insightful and don't bother with all the ranks of Enchanter, just to get those one-handed enchantments, but of course it's totally up to your discretion based on how much you value that.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 3, 2018
#7471 Reply
Also note that this build goes left hand dagger right hand mace, and stamina cost of power attacks is based on the right hand. If you want to put more power attacks into the build you absolutely could, but switch out the mace for a dagger or go dual sword.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 3, 2018
#7467 Reply
You can absolutely go for a power attack as an opener, but beyond that it seems light attacks are faster. You don't really need to invest in stamina for anything beyond the occasional power attack.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 3, 2018
#7466 Reply
I think this build has some potential, but it gets drowned by the huge amounts of pictures and texts. Six pictures of armour and weapons could easily become one: equip them all in broad daylight, turn the camera and take a screenshot.
Also, I don't really see the need for Alteration in this build, besides the perks. Your character chooses for light armour, and maxed out armour rating and magical resistance is just OP.

By overtone on Dec 2, 2018
#7452 Reply
Again, I appreciate the criticism and I was planning on fixing up the page with new and better pictures, I just took them all in one quick session so I could post the build I had been playing for a while. But feedback on page layout isn't exactly something I'm looking for because I know it's not great right now.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 2, 2018
#7457 Reply
I just want to give some feedback on the whole build, and that includes how the page looks. Your account suggested you are pretty new to this website, so I thought you could use some tips to improve your builds.
I didn't know it wasn't finished; I expected it to be finished, since it is public and it looks like you put a lot of effort in this, and I really appreciate that. And I must say that my comment isn't the best there is, so sorry about that. Just take the feedback you want to use, and discard the rest.

By overtone on Dec 2, 2018
#7458 Reply
Yeah, I mostly just wanted to post the build itself so people could try it out. The actual page layout isn't something I cared about too much in the moment and I literally went into Skyrim and took a few screenshots. I'll fix it up more today when I get time and add a few pictures I think would help the page out immensely. Thanks for the feedback.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 2, 2018
#7459 Reply
Just wanted to help emoticon
And I must say: your first builds look better than my first builds.

By overtone on Dec 2, 2018
#7462 Reply
With all due respect, the amount of pictures really shouldn't affect the build rating.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 2, 2018
#7453 Reply