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The Hist Warden V2 51 #483666

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I'd consider investing less in Alteration (since Enchanting already covers magic resistance, and you can already achieve max armor without -flesh spells) and invest into either Archery or Destruction so you can deal with distant enemies - flying dragons are going to be especially annoying to deal with.

By wuyixiang on Dec 6, 2018
#7475 Reply
That's a very reasonable trade-off. I can say personally as far as enchanting goes I always try to maximize one particular enchantment, and here it was fortify one-handed, so there becomes a bit of a crowding out effect if we add in archery and have to also enchant for magic resist.

I think a suitable replacement instead of even enchanting and alteration could be alchemy and archery, where you could rely on potions for 1H/Archery buffs as well as magic resistance, and then have archery to deal with ranged enemies. Thematically it doesn't change the character much either, so that could be an interesting direction to take it.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 6, 2018
#7476 Reply
You wouldn't have to invest in Fority Destruction or Fortify Marksman - it's not your main focus, after all, and really should be considered an auxilary damage skill.

By wuyixiang on Dec 6, 2018
#7477 Reply
True enough. I do say in the build that carrying an improved bow with some damage type enchantment on it isn't' a bad choice if you don't feel like relying on Dragonrend or want more reliable ranged damage (I do carry a bow on my character, though it's rarely used aside from Dragon encounters). On higher difficulties however it is harder to do any meaningful damage without some combination of perks, enchantments, or potions, but certainly if you trade some alteration for archery you could make that work, as you say.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 7, 2018
#7479 Reply
very personal build, hard to say something about it, because it has very strong damage output for a caster character and very strong magic for an fighter character, every hero has to be strengths and weaknesses but that's not mean skipping some perks or selecting all perks, hard to explain details here but I'd suggest consider that when creating a build

By clawshaper on Dec 6, 2018
#7473 Reply
It's very defensive magic, so ranged damage is very limited, so it balances out.

By wuyixiang on Dec 6, 2018
#7474 Reply
Feel free to leave any critiques you wish here. I may be wrong on some of the numbers, and I may have some bad typos here or there that I missed. I've worked quite a while on this build and I know it's geared towards being on the overpowered side, but you can cut out whatever you wish (for example enchanting could be cut since the DPS even without Fortify One-Handed is pretty high, or you could skip on the defensive bonuses of Alteration).

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 6, 2018
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