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BC:Sneaky Fire Ball 49 #484276

In this build you will use incinerate as your endgame spell but for early game you will try to unlock fire ball so you get a projectile in stead a hold and cast, You're armor will be using dragon scale, have 100% reduced destruction cost and legendary, And another early game thing will be J'zargo from the college of Winterhold, for roleplay you can play as a Dark Elf, Now here is some background.
As a child you were a fan with magic, the court wizard show's some of his tricks to you when you asked and even thought you a cool flame spell. But as a you grew older you helped the Jarl of Whiterun kill bandits, animals and sometimes even Drauger. But you also had to steal food and money from the stores. when you grew up fully you went to solstheim to train in magic with another dark elf mage yearly. one time when you returned you got captured by imperial's. we all know what happens next.

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