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Khajiit Warrior Princess 34 #484316

Armor: Light
Head: Enchanted Circlet (Archery or Restoration Buffing) or any appropriate Dragon Priest Mask
Body: Glass Armor (or any other Light Armor you can find)
Hands: Nightingale Gauntlets
Feet: Nightingale Boots
Shield: Spellbreaker
Weapon of Choice: Any War Axe you can find (I don't believe there are any special War Axes), Auriel's Bow or Dwarven Crossbow
Weapon Enchantments: Fire Damage, Absorb Health, Chaos Damage

Major Skills:

Minor Skills:
Light Armor
Restoration (To heal yourself and your followers and RP purposes)
Enchanting (You need only grind until you reach the Fire Enchanter perk)
Smithing (So you can improve enchanted items)
Sneak (Invest whatever perks you want in this)

Alternate Build Options:
Weapon: One-handed Swords. This allows for use of weapons such as Dawnbreaker or Miraak's Sword.
Heavy Armor: This allows for use of the Ebony Mail.
Destruction Magic: This allows for mid-range fighting capabilities if you don't have any of the DLC Content for the game. Also allows for Flame Cloak and Fireball spells.

Similar builds

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