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Hanzo 34 #484318

Race: Breton or Wood Elf

Major Skills:
Archery (obviously)
Sneak (because sniper)

Minor Skills:
Light Armor (for sneaky stealthy stuff)
Pickpocket (because if you're doing a stealth build with Speech perks, you might as well be a thief)
Speech (for fencing and getting away with stuff)
Enchanting (because Storm Bow needs Storm Enchantments)
One-Handed (for shiving those who get too close, but you won't be getting any perks for this. Hanzo put his sword down for a reason!)

Preferred Shouts:
Dragon Aspect (DRAGON)
Storm Call (melt all who stand in your way like a Dragonstrike, but not really)
Become Ethereal (RUN AWAY)
Marked for Death
Unrelenting Force (for the peeps who get all up in your grill)
Aura Whisper (Sonic Arrow!)

Thieves Guild/Nightingales
Dark Brotherhood

Preferred Items:
Nightingale Armor Set
Gauldur Blackbow
Auriel's Bow (maybe)
Mehrune's Razor
NO CROSSBOWS (he thinks they're children's toys)

Similar builds

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