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Centurion 48 #484440


Raised in imperial city the centurion was always in awe of the gladiator fights in the arena. In the time when he wasn't watching the arena he was helping his father Smith equipment and watching his mother enchant them theorising that having knowledge in both professions would increase his ability in combat.Eventally growing too old to stay at his parents residence, he departed to the arena to begin his legacy.

The centurion first began his combat career as a humble gladiator in the pits of the imperial city arena as a lowly pit dog. But victory after victory he began to rise in popularity until he eventually became the grand champion.However what comes up must fall down. Some one had placed a contract on him for the dark brotherhood to collect. Unbeknownst to him the strange fellow who called themselves his greatest fans were the assasin and he was barely able to survive the encounter as he was unprepared only escaping by faking his own death.Now unable to continue being a gladiator the centurion instead decided to join a mercenary group in order to make ends meet.

Growing tired of the groups disinterest in combat and overall cowardice, he left them them to be slaughtered by a group of bandits wanting to join the imperial in the great war instead. His close combat skills gained in the arena combined with the pragmatism from the mercenaries made him a warrior to be feared. A true terror on the battle field it seemed that he would single handedly win the war.Unfortunately this was not the case and in just 1 month the imperial were crushed, the emperor betrayed skyrim and the young Nord lost faith in the imperials and went to join a new group started by an uppity jail. Right now he's shaking with enthusiasm for all of the new battles he could fight in.

the build

Standing stone:lady
Favouring light armour and a heavy shield the centurion charges into battle with nary a worry relying on naught but his physical atributes and wits to win his battles.


Due to his love of battle the centurion will pursue the companions quest line and will cure himself of his lycanthropy. He will destroy the dark brotherhood as he does not like being ordered around by anyone especially those that use such cheap tactics such as sneaking around.

He will join the civil war on the storm cloaks side and murder every imperial coward and thalmor fiend that comes across his way.

He will join the Dawnguard in the dlc and will pursue mosthe daedric quests that don't require the death of his friends or companions.

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